Performing as “Waltz’n’Black” in the early years, the band had a great online response on MySpace receiving over 8 million hits.

Original members, guitarist Matt Stalgis and drummer Grant Molloy, had to part ways with their original singer and bassist, due to personal reasons
“HIDDENACE” was born upon the arrival of their new lead vocalist Matty D and bassist Rhyse Aquilina.

With a renewed energy the boys continued writing and playing all over Australia, in pubs, clubs, charity events and private functions receiving rave reviews everywhere they played.

HiddenAce has been playing (in one form or another), some of Australia's most iconic venues for over 7 years.

When asked “what style of music do they play”? We find it very hard to answer.

HiddenAce are hard to pigeon hole into just one genre of music.

They have created a sound all of their own encompassing classic rock riffs blended with a healthy dose of funk, blues ,reggae and even Latin American styling's all delivered in one high energy show that appeals to a wide audience ranging from 9—90
HiddenAce have just recently released their debut 6 track EP “HiddenAce” and are truly ready to spread their energy, excitement and sound to the world.

HiddenAce Band Members

Matt Dalcol (Matty D) Lead Vocals

Matty joined the boys in early 2011 before HIddenAce even took a name. He brought fresh vocals and writing to the bands creative jams. This bond is what helped form the dynamics that is HiddenAce now.
With no formal vocal coaching whatsoever, Matty’s experience comes from mixing it up in a variety of bands throughout high school
The end of 2010 is when Matty first auditioned for the band soon to be-come HiddenAce and by early 2011. He was the front man you see today.
A truly eclectic performer, Matty enjoys singing with the sole purpose to entertain and make people smile, even if he is a loveable show off.

Matt Stalgis Guitarist.

Matt is one of the founding members of the band.

He is a self-taught guitarist who has written most of the bands catchy riffs and tunes.
Not only is he a gifted guitarist but also an accomplished audio engineer and producer, having completed his studies at AIM and working at one of Australia’s largest surviving Independent recording studios (A# Studios)

Rhyse Aqualina Bass Guitarist

Rhyse is the newest inductee to the band.

Rhyse started learning bass at age 14. After school, Rhyse enrolled into Wesley Institute studying bass as his major. Throughout his time, Rhyse has been writing music for films, playing music for his church, as well doubling as a session bassist for other bands in Sydney.
Apart from becoming HiddenAce’s full time bassist Rhyse continues to write music scores for a small film company, and helps run kids church groups.

Grant Molloy Drummer

Grant is the other founding member of the band
Having played in numerous other bands over the past 20 odd years he brings an old school driving force and level head to the engine room of HiddenAce. Some of his influences are John Bonham, Ian Paice, Stuart Copland and Nick Mason.


Her Name Was California
Money for the Weekend
Kiss It
Cuba Por Favor



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